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What is the importance of a credit score?

It stands to reason that anyone with a bad credit score can be seen as a risk to most lenders. In fact, a bad credit score can even make it hard to get a credit card. Banks can make it nearly impossible to get a loan approved for bad credit users, but online lenders tend to be more lenient. The terms and interest rates could be higher, but that makes sense if they’re taking a higher risk. Whatever your credit situation is today, you can find out if you’re eligible by sending us your online inquiry form.

How bad is a poor credit score?

There is a rating system called FICO that is typically used by lenders to assess credit ratings. Using their own criteria, they determine that a score less than 620 is risky. Some of the factors that they use to come up with your score can include how you have been at paying bills in the past. Have you always paid them on time, or did you miss a few? Missing payments or paying them late has a definite effect on your credit status. Do you owe a lot of money? Holding too much debt will also lower your credit rating. To get the best loan terms, try to get some of your debt paid off.

With a bad credit history, can I still be approved?

We work with lenders who are willing to approve payday loans for a variety of credit types, so if your credit status is not perfect, don’t worry. We will do the best we can to find a lender to help you. Many lenders can look over past credit mistakes if your current financial situation is stable. They will want to be sure that your income is high enough to cover payments and that your debt isn’t too high. If approved, it’s very important that you stick to the terms of loan agreement.

How can I fix a bad credit rating?

The better your credit rating is, the more favorable loan terms you can secure from a lender. By reducing your risk, a lender is more willing to set terms you can agree to. If your credit is bad because of sending in your payments late, then you can easily improve that by setting a track record of paying on time .If you owe too much money and are deep in debt, get that paid off to improve your credit standing.

Where can a person with bad credit get help?

It’s good to know that there are financial professionals you can reach out to for help. They can advise you on ways you can repair a bad credit status. To find a financial expert you can trust, do your homework and research. Look at what they offer as well as reviews left by other clients. Spend time to make your choice well so that you can believe and respect what they have to tell you. Follow their advice, ask questions and make sure you understand how to improve your bad credit score. Once you have taken the suggested steps for a period of a few months, you should have a much better score. Going forward, remember to keep paying on time and to not borrow too much! It’s easier to maintain a good credit score than to improve a bad one.

How many unsecured loans can I take?

You can only take out one installment loan at a time.

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